tanGOlisboa Weekend 2019

Four days in Lisbon

with the best Tango has to offer!

Workshops, Milongas, Shows

4 days of classes,

4 renowned fantastic dancers,

1  unmissable orchestra

5 milongas with luxury DJs,

many surprises.

Are you ready to enjoy the best that Tango has to offer?

The trip will be unforgettable.

Lots of Traditional Tango in Lisbon's Autumn!


Virginia Gomez & Chirstian Marquez


Christian Marquez and Virginia Gomez, also known as “Los Totis” started to dance together in 1996 and, since then, they are imprinting their mark in Tango history. They performed for the first time on stage in 1997 and since then, they follow their path with astonishing security and originality. They have participated in notorious shows, both in Argentina and abroad such as: "Os Tangos de la Cáballa", "Piazzola Tango", " Copes Tango Copes", "O Tango" e "Coorporacíon Tangos". In 2002 they grew wings and flew to Europe and Asia teaching and performing in renowned festivals.


They are known for having developed a very personal style: genuine, clean, solid, mature and traditional. These characteristics make them a unique couple, respected and admired by all the tango community, both in Buenos Aires and internationally. They teach and perform regularly at CITA (Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino) in Buenos Aires and are jury members for the international tango championship, that takes place in Buenos Aires every August.


They are acclaimed to be “maestros de maestros”.

Virginia Gomez and Christian Marquez, welcome to Portugal!

Josefina Bermudez & Fabian Peralta


It was a passion with an early start: at about 23 years old, Fabián became one of the first World Tango Champions, in 2006. He started to study with Maestro Mingo Pugliese, and still today, keeps all those learnings as fundaments for his own teaching method and knowledge share. Also quite early on, he started his “tour” of the most famous tango house in Buenos Aires, followed by the creation and direction of a prestigious show: “Corporacíon Tango” and participation in the Copes Tango Copes, Solo Tango Show, Tango X 2. Nowadays, together with Josefina Bermudez, continues to travel the world, invited to the most renowned tango festivals doing what he always dreamed of: living for Tango!

 Josefina divided her life between two passions: the contemporary dance and the Tango Argentino since the very young age of 5. Dancing in several dance companies and taking to the stage with several Tango shows. Fortunately for us, Tango prevailed over the contemporary dance, and she now dedicates herself exclusively to the art pf Tango Argentino. Some of the people with which she worked with are: choreographers Oscar Araiz and Juan Corvalán, “ El nene Massi” and Lorena Ermocida. Today, together with Fabián Peralta, she travels the world, invited by the most renowned tango festivals, to share her knowledge and charm.

Together since 2013 they are the embodiment of a virtuous and “clean” Tango, in “vintage” style where all the details matter. A generous source of inspiration for each one of us, where the technique, coupled with professionalism and talent, allow for classes that make us travel to the golden age of Tango, through the experiences shared and knowledge acquired from those who lived it.

Josefina Bermudez and Fabián Peralta, welcome to Portugal!

Viriginia Gomez & Christian Marquez, "Los Totis"

Josefina Bermudez & Fabian Peralta


Solo Tango Orquesta


The Solo Tango Orquesta is rapidly rising to the top of the world of Tango Olympus. The musicians team was founded in the summer of 2010 and in an incredibly short time has gained international recognition. 

The Solo Tango Orquesta has won many notorious international music awards.   

They have performed in the best concert halls in the world, among which: the Berlin Philharmonic, Big Hall of Moscow Conservatory, Chaikovsky Concert Hall, Seoul  National Theater, Moscow International House of Music, Grand Concert Hall St. Petersburg and Admiralspalast Berlin.

The Solo Tango Orquesta is the official orchestra of the main major international tango festivals.

It is the orchestra that is created through the efforts of magnificent Moscow musicians, who have devoted many years to tango music.  The sound of the orchestra can be described as the one with the perfect sense of style, powerful energy and high performance quality. The repertoire includes complex tango songs that sound great at major concert halls, as well as the best of tangos of the “Golden Age”,  which makes them convenient and comfortable to dance to during milongas.


Marta Silvestre


Marta Silvestre lives in Oporto, where she is the resident DJ at the emblematic weekly milonga ‘La Galeria Ideal’. She started to dance Tango in 2008 and from 2010 begins to get more intimate with tango music and slowly get into the “musicalizator” life. She was playing at several international tango marathons as ‘La Cita de los Amigos’ (Belgium), ‘Tango Jam’ (Germany), ‘The Big Pop’ (UK), ‘Belle Epoque’ (Italy), ‘Milonga des 4 Saisons’ (France), ‘Tuga Tango Marathon’ (Portugal).” and also a the International Tango Festival in Portugal, Lisbon and Oporto.

About her way to Dj, we could resume it in a short definition “High Energy” but she’s also a very good “milonga reader” and she´s always find to manage the dancers into the right mood.

When she plays, travelling around the magical Tango Golden Age Era, each tanda whispers a story and D’Arienzo is definitely her favorite storyteller.

Gastón Godoy


Gastón Godoy has more than 15 years of experience as Tango DJ. As regular activity, he is organizer and DJ of El Corazón de la Milonga Sevilla, milonga that takes place every wednesday in Seville and that exists since more than 15 years, being one of the oldest milongas in Seville and Andalusia. In this milonga Gaston is commited to offer always the best quality and to preserve the essence of tango in ist purest form. 

He likes to improvise every time his own dj set the according with energy and the mood of the people on the dance floor. After many years “musicalizando” he got a very extended knowledge about tango music and orchestra but he is never happy with what he already knows and so he likes to dig out from the past some “tango pearl” for his crowd.

He has participated as DJ in tango meetings and festivals in Spain and other cities in Europe, like: Workshop Milonga Sevilla Tango Festival (Spain), Bella Ciao au Château - Marathon (France), Fuego de la Noche Kazan Tango Festival (Russia), Tango Meeting in Tallinn (Estonia).

Patrícia Santos


 Patrícia was born in the city of Porto (Portugal) and discoverd tango in 2005. Five years later she began Djing in milongas. As a milonguera she believes in the impact that music can produce in the dance/milonga and, in this sense, while she is Djing, tries to enfatize the orquestras that, is her own view, allow the dancefloor to keep its proper order and that also create a unique feeling of sharing between milongueros that, in that moment and space can (re)find themselves.  She also organizes the encontro milonguero Ensueños. 

Victoria Cruz


 Dancer and tango teacher with a long experience (more than 15 years), She has recently incorporated her facet as a TJ. Her sensual and passionate style, matured during half of her life, also moves Victoria to her musical selections. 


Horacio Nuñez


Horacio Nuñez is a teacher of Argentine folk dances.

He was born a few kilometers from Buenos Aires, South of the Southern Delta, in the beautiful city of Tigre dotted with channels. As a teenager, he joined the school of folk dancer before being part of the Argentine folk art ballet, which allows him to travel all over Europe and America.

A few years later, he mixes with the world of tango and begins to offer workshops and courses of chacarera and other Argentine folk dances in the milongas and tango festivals, making these dances in environments that very often ignore them.

Today he travels the different European Tango Festivals (in Spain, Poland, Lithuania, France,...) to share his passion for folk dance.





Registration in workshops needs to be done with a partner. You must submit one form for each person, stating in the field "Partner's name" the person's name with whom you will be attending the workshops.

If you still don't have a partner to attend the workshops, you may contact us and we will be alert and will get back to you case we know about someone that might be your partner. You may also activily search for a partner in the Facebook group:

tanGOlisboa Weekend.

The workshops have a limited number of attendees. Once that number is reached, that workshop is considered fully booked and will not be available for selection in the form.


Registration for milongas only, don't need to be done with a partner.

Cancellation and Refound Policy

Full refound for cancellations prior to September, 13th 2019.

75% refound for cancellations prior to September, 27th 2019.

50% refound for cancellations prior to October, 11th 2019.

All refounds will be payed after the event finish.

Over all refounds and/or registration changes will be charged a 10.00€ fee.

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Câmara de Comércio - Rua das Portas de Santo Antão, 89

A little history of the place ...

The last years of First World War and those that followed saw a new way of living in the city, especially at night. Rua das Portas de Santo Antão was the chosen scenario. In June 1918 it is inaugurated in Lisbon, one of the first in a series of nightclubs, the Palace Club.

This opened at the place where it was thought to make a cinema and where there was a building in ruins. In 1915, a new project was presented to replace it, for luxury commercial establishments. Giving up on the idea of ​​a commercial building, that year was done in the interior, the first floor being totally occupied by a ballroom and a night club game: The Palace.

The Hall was then profusely decorated with stuccoes forming wreaths. In the vestibule, winged cupids topped the side doors of red marble, accompanied by eight bas-reliefs carved by Simões de Almeida Sobrinho, professor of the School of Fine Arts.

Tango, gambling and cocaine gave the characteristic tone to this new space designed for privileged lisbon, where the use of gala dress was obligatory.

The Club closed in 1920, and the property passed to the "Lisbon Commercial Association" whose foundation dates back to June 12, 1834. The building was renamed Palácio do Comércio and the Association today, the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is there since 1921.

Public Transportation


     Green Line - Rossio

     Blue line - Restauradores

Buses: 207, 711, 732, 736, 746, 783

Taxi in Praça dos Restauradores, 100m walking distance from the venue.

A Todo Tango! Academia Recreio Artístico - Rua dos Fanqueiros 286

A little history of this place ...

Founded on August 15, 1885 by António Pedro, Ricardo Sestelo and Júlio Silva, the Academia Recreio Artístico is one of the oldest collectivities in Lisbon in full operation.

Located in the BAixa Pombalina, A. R. A. is a great pole of development of associative movements.

It has always been open to the cultural iniciative and has given up its facilities for philharmonic bands reharsals, and has given origin to other associations such as the Tuna Comercial de Lisboa and the Arcos de Valdevez County House.

Nowadays the appeals of the society are something different, but the Academia Recreio Artístico remains a versatile space and open to cultural initiatives.

The century and a half of history of A.R A. is a living fountain of playful and cultural associativism.

The construction of the Academy in the present goes by the memory and homage to all its members from its foundation, by its founding partner more representative and also recognized by the city of Lisbon, Actor António Pedro.

Since 2012 it is the home for A Todo Tango!, a space dedicated to the Tango Argentino in the heart of Lisbon, where the fusion between dance teaching, event organization and performance complement each other. A school focused on the well-being of its students, which aims to strengthen the dissemination of Argentine Tango in Portugal and beyond, with the aim of caring for the community and encouraging its growth. It is also where happens every week, uninterruptedly for 6 years, the A Todo Tango! Milonga.

Public Transportation


     Green Line - Rossio

     Blue Line - Baixa Chiado

Bus: 207, 208, 711, 714, 732, 736, 737, 740, 746, 759, 760, 783

Tram: 12, 15, 28

Taxi is avalaible at Praça da Figueira just at 100 meters of the location

A Promotora - Largo das Fontaínhas 19

A little history of the place ...

The Sociedade Promotora de Educação Popular was founded on September 30, 1904, with headquarters in Rua de Alcântara, by a group of Republicans with explicit cultural and educational objectives. It was aimed at the community "to watch for our workers and dissipate the darkness of illiteracy, throwing sparks of light in the spirit of the working class."

It aimed, in essence, to promote a "free, secular and democratic education", that is, that aimed to "seek in the student the embryo of Free Man, from which develops the citizen conscientious, necessarily strong and good, honorable and hardworking , smart and cheerful. "

The educational activity of S.P.E.P. began in 1905 with the operation of a night school for the male sex, according to the João de Deus method.

In the academic year 1907/1908, the teaching is extended to the female sex, it becomes daytime and in the curricular programs there are elementary primary classes of Portuguese Language, French, Arithmetic, Drawing, Bookkeeping and Accounting, History and Geography of Portugal and Music.

In the academic year 1912/13 the lessons of English, Gymnastics begin the Night Courses for Ladies (prohibited in 1926 and reopened in 1953) and the Library sessions with program of led reading.

On October 20, 1931, the Promoting Society of Popular Education was awarded the license for teaching, and now operates as a first cycle school, providing for a maximum capacity of 200 students and possessing pedagogical parallelism.

Since 2011, it has been the home of the Associação Promotora de Tango Social project, which cultivates the Argentinean tango, promoting respect for the knowledge of rioplanetes's culture, and thus seeks to study and transmit the knowledge of this culture, keeping in mind the current social and cultural reality, respecting and valuing the traditional tango, where codes are a way to make milonga space a socially happier space. It is also where Milonga Promotora is held every month, a friendly and traditional milonga, and annually the Encuentro Milonguero A Promotora, an Encuentro that is an international reference.

Public Transportation

Bus: 714, 720, 24, 727, 732, 738, 742, 751, 56, 60, 201

Tram: 15, 18

Promotora location, in public transports, is usually refered as CÁLVARIO 

Taxi is avalaible at Largo do Calvário just at 50 meters of the location 

about us

Sónia Aires & Paulo Bernardo

 A Todo Tango! 

Who are we?

United by the same passion, Argentine Tango, we created a school in Lisbon about 8 years ago, where the fusion between teaching dance, organizing events

and performance complement each other. We are a school focused on the well-being of its students, which aims to strengthen the dissemination of Argentine Tango in Portugal and beyond its borders, with the purpose of caring for the community and encouraging its growth. The unification of our experience in different areas of formation allows us to strengthen and revitalize the objectives that we propose ourselves every day.

Which Tango is ours?

As students of Natalia Games and Gabriel Angio, Virginia Gomez and Christian Marquez aka "Los Totis", our proposal is to feel the tango in the most traditional way possible, a tango without "additives", something vintage, never losing the originality, harmonious and, musical. We try to honor the "old milongueros",

on a journey into the past without forgetting the present to which we belong.

What is Argentine Tango for us?

The Argentine Tango is for us, absolute surrender, overwhelming, unique and unconditional passion, only to be revealed through an intimate embrace,

regardless of the form we give to it.

Plans for the future?

"Stay in beginner’s mind. Never leave beginner’s mind, because in beginner’s mind, the possibilities are infinite."

This is for us, the true challenge of the lovers of this dance.


Contact us

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